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Marketing during a crisis:

3 tips and 1 warning during COVID-19

What should businesses and marketers do differently in a crisis? Should you be marketing at all? If you are to market during a crisis, how should you go about it?

We’re all scrambling right now. Whether you are a sole practitioner or a national brand, everyone is trying to figure out how to strike a balance and maintain a good business stride during, and after, COVID-19. While we may find ourselves living in a totally different new world, there are a few marketing tips that are easy to remember and can help you get through.

3 marketing tips you should consider during a crisis:

1) Assess the situation and adapt your marketing message.
Before you start communicating offers or any other marketing messages, be sure to inform and announce any operational changes that may affect your services or the way you deliver them. Start with updating your website. After all, your website is your virtual headquarters. It should always be updated with the latest information at all times, especially during crises.

Once you’ve taken care of the basics, you’ll be ready to turn to marketing and sales.

Now, each crisis is different and may require a unique approach, and determining that approach means being sensitive to your customers’ frame of mind. What questions might they be asking, and how can you help provide answers? How might they be feeling, and how can you help address or respond to it? Try to internalize the moment; how are you feeling right now? What kind of solutions do you wish someone would offer you? Customers are people, just like you. Pause and take a look at the situation and their needs. In marketing it’s always all about their needs—in a crisis that’s even more important to remember.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with marketing and selling during a crisis, so long as you are offering sincere solutions to customers’ problems. Keep in mind that depending on your industry and the nature of your business and services, it may mean choosing between farming or harvesting—meaning planting relationship-building seeds, versus looking to make a sale today. Also, remember that in a crisis most customers become hyper-focused on short-term pains.

2) Communicate often, stay focused and leverage multiple channels.
Good, newsworthy content can and should be shared. Customers feel better when they are informed. However, if you didn’t have a crisis mitigation plan in place, stop and devise one quickly. This is not the moment to shoot from the hip—at least not with every communication piece.

In your plan, consider the channels you’ll use to communicate and how they all work together. Emails, newsletters, social media, direct mail, text messages. All can be appropriate depending on your individual circumstances and how your audience or customers prefer to stay informed, but they need to be orchestrated.

Through this process, you also need to plan your frequency. During a time of crisis, you may be reaching out to your audiences a little more than usual—even if it’s simply to let them know you’re there. To that end, make sure to understand the outcome you’re looking to drive with each piece or phase of communication. More than anything, your communication should be intentional. The last things customers want is to be inundated with messages that aren’t meaningful or helpful to them in the moment or, worse, that they feel tone-deaf given the circumstances. Lastly, try to create unique content; every brand will end up talking about the crisis in some fashion. Do your best at not becoming one more in the crowd.

3) Listen closely and pivot at the right time.
All crises do pass, so keep your ears to the ground and do your best at timing your marketing to how the situation is evolving. As we emerge from this crisis, people’s needs will change—and you can be ready to meet them.

In your plans, try to anticipate what those needs might be. Even though we are in unprecedented times and there’s so much that seems unclear, your business’s core offering—and core values—should remain intact. Be proactive about thinking through what you have to offer people on the other side of this experience.

Critical situations lead to pivoting moments where you can find new opportunities. If you stay tuned in to what’s happening in your industry and the lives of your customers, you’ll be ready to seize those opportunities when the time is right. A note of caution: creating your comeback when the crisis is over is likely too late. If possible, plan and create your marketing before the tide changes.

1 Marketing warning you shouldn’t forget:

During and after an economic downturn, marketing overall becomes spammy and desperate. Additionally, aggressive offers and the frequency of them start crowding our emails and social channels… especially at a time like this when many people are stuck at home and largely living their lives within digital spaces. So, don’t be a nuisance.

Do take action and be assertive, but be sure to stay focused on the long-term objective. You want to, financially speaking, survive these challenging moments, but do not tarnish your brand in the process. So, figure out the space you fill in your circle of influence, your strengths, weaknesses, and how to work through the challenges to find the opportunities.

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“Frank is an incredibly creative designer who thinks outside of the box. He completely re-branded all of our materials and exceed our expectations. The final product is beautiful and clearly meets (and exceeds) all of our needs. He is a pleasure to work with and we continue to use his services for other projects. I highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed.”

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